Holga 135BC film camera - photos

I bought a Holga 135BC several months ago and finally went through a whole film roll today!
They were mostly experimental shots that I quickly took today because I was eager to see how the photos would actually turn out. You can click on the photo for the original size.

It is a little grainy due to today's cloudy (and WINDY) weather. But I think it still gives that Holga/vintage effect. I love it. Film cameras can be a lot more fun than digital as it gives you that anticipation while you wait during development and the fact that you can't view it straight after you take it. It really is a raw point-and-shoot process.

I'm so fascinated. It does cost $15 per roll to get it developed..it would be a pretty expensive hobby. But I mean, if my hobby was cooking, the cost of buying ingredients would cost just as much. Same with painting or fashion.

I think my favourite shot is the "deserted" shot that I took on my way to the Family Court today at work. It's an abandoned building on Castlereagh street and I took it on the middle of the road. haha. I'm going to upload these photos on facebook too.

Can't wait to use my next roll of film!


I was walking behind this man the whole time
who was pushing his twins on a pram. Cute!


Green right preasu

A church I always pass on the way to LBB

Meadowbank station

Esther's graduation at Sydney Uni.

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