I've moved!

Hello, long time no post here.

I have used this blog since 2008 up until 2016, a good chunk of my twenties. Now and then I scroll through this space, smiling (and/or cringing) at my university life rants, evolving photography style, emo musings, relationships and, of course, my move to London and travels throughout Europe.

It's crazy to think I'm now living in New York City where I moved right after I turned 29.

I thought it was an apt time to move to a new space, a fresh new page, for this new chapter.
I'm in my thirties now and hopefully I can scroll through this decade's worth of musings when I turn forty, fifty, sixty (you get the point) and be glad I kept a record of all the memories. This space will be open as well.

So here it is, it's at hannaanne.com/journal.

See you there!


Last day in Stockholm

A Swedish brunch on our last day

Then a spot of shopping in Stockholm

That concludes photos from Stockholm, 25-27 March 2016 
Stockholm and Copenhagen were similar. I personally prefer the latter.


I only have Turkey, Korea and Austria photos to update now! All were during April.
Can you believe that was 5 months ago? 
Can you believe it is September now and in 3 months it will be 2017?
Where did the time go?


On other exciting news - I'm moving to New York next week!
More on that later ;)
Thinking which platform to use on my new 'Life in New York' chapter.

Stockholm - Part 2

Food was surprisingly good in Stockholm, but expensive.

Stockholm at dusk



Stockholm - Part 1

Stockholm weekend trip 

25-27 March 2016

I'm updating my blog (finally) with all the trips I did in the beginning of the year before I moved back to Sydney.
Quite mind-boggling thinking about the amount of travelling I did whilst living in London. It is a luxury to travel to one or twice a month to another European city and, for that, I feel so lucky and grateful.


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