Last day in Stockholm

A Swedish brunch on our last day

Then a spot of shopping in Stockholm

That concludes photos from Stockholm, 25-27 March 2016 
Stockholm and Copenhagen were similar. I personally prefer the latter.


I only have Turkey, Korea and Austria photos to update now! All were during April.
Can you believe that was 5 months ago? 
Can you believe it is September now and in 3 months it will be 2017?
Where did the time go?


On other exciting news - I'm moving to New York next week!
More on that later ;)
Thinking which platform to use on my new 'Life in New York' chapter.

Stockholm - Part 2

Food was surprisingly good in Stockholm, but expensive.

Stockholm at dusk



Stockholm - Part 1

Stockholm weekend trip 

25-27 March 2016

I'm updating my blog (finally) with all the trips I did in the beginning of the year before I moved back to Sydney.
Quite mind-boggling thinking about the amount of travelling I did whilst living in London. It is a luxury to travel to one or twice a month to another European city and, for that, I feel so lucky and grateful.


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