(W-35, Pt 2) 48 hours in London with fatty continued

(See Part 1 here)

Sunday morning

Popped by the Princess May Rd Carboot Sale. Denim dress for £2 anyone?

We caught the bus down to Shoreditch to visit a cat cafe, London Cat Village!
This is Oli the cat. He decided to make himself comfortable on my lap. So cute!

Oli the cat is also the mischievous one. Here he is trying to get a bite for himself.

Why so grumpy? This cat was so funny. 
It did not want to partake in any of this human and cat nonsense and instead was looking out the cafe window the whole time.

I want a cat now. 

Saturday afternoon

After our session was over, we walked towards Brick Lane Market and stumbled across 
impressive street art.

Don't be fooled. We ate again. This time at Brick Lane Market.
We shared a Bahn mi, portion of Mother clucker fried chicken and a margarita pizza :)

Mirror selfies in Shoreditch!

Next stop: Columbia Road Flower Market

And that's it folks!

We caught the bus back home to pick up Anna's luggage :(

Until next time!


(W-35, Pt 1): 48 hours in London with fatty

My cousin, Anna, who lives in Helsinki, came to visit London town for the weekend! It was so much fun. I need to divide this in two parts as it was a jam-packed!
(See Part 2 here)

We affectionately call each other 'fatty' as our love for food and insatiable appetites run in the blood and, in the limited time we had together, we did what we do best - EAT. ALOT.
We were very happy fatties.

(Photos from Anna's iPhone and my Galaxy S3)

Friday night

Our first stop on the Friday night was Shoreditch, to the food night market at Pump of course.
This is at Pump holding deep fried marinated chicken.

Deep fried marinated chicken.

Actually I lie. Our first stop was Super Kebab downstairs where we shared a mixed kebab with fries before heading off to Shoreditch.
Then after Pump, we popped by Dinerama and shared a pork belly bao too.

Saturday morning

Starting off our food adventures with morning coffee

The food haven that is Borough Markets

Anna cradling her pulled pork with crackling and apple sauce baby

Saturday afternoon

At Farringdon, on our way to Granger & Co for some Aussie brekkie!
Yes, this is straight after Borough Markets. 

Happy fatty with the full Aussie brekkie and banana ricotta hotcakes

I just had the orange juice
Not! :P

To burn off our breakfast(s), we cycled to Covent Garden to watch The Lion King musical, finally! This was definitely a highlight of the weekend. From the opening scene you are captivated. 
Favourite musical so far!

After the musical, we walked around Covent Garden

And had "late lunch" at Shake Shack! 
The cloud installation

We then walked along the tourist trail of Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Oxford Circus.


Saturday evening

We even managed to hop on a bus to check out Harrods

Did we stop eating food after the Harrods?

We ended the day with a solid Korean meal at Naru near Tottenham Court.

(Sunday will be on Part 2!)


Weekend Stories (W-36): August Bank Holiday 2015

Camden London blue hairCamden London
Camden London nap time man
Camden London nap time man
Camden London nap time man
Camden London nap time man

Confession: these photos are not from the August long weekend. I didn't take any photos actually because I had a chilled weekend and didn't really think about taking photos.

The photos above, however, were taken in Camden a year and a half ago when I participated in Camden Create. I realised I never got around to posting the photos on the blog, so here they are now! Looking at these photos make me want to go visit again and explore the area a bit more. It's Sunday morning as I type this. Perhaps I'll cycle there today?

Over this long weekend:
Friday: Drinks at Birthday's
Saturday:  Brunch at Finger's Crossed; afternoon tea at the Proud Archivist, then back home as it started to rain.
Sunday: Raining all day; went to buy hair dye with AJ down the road; dyed my hair a slightly lighter shade which turned out alright!
Monday: Watched '45 Years'

A relaxing weekend!
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