November 2015 Weekend Stories

Fireworks at Victoria Park

Yumcha and Mulled Wine Festival. Laksa for dinner at Chinatown.
Monocle Cafe and Selfridges with CK

Scandinavian Xmas Market and then Cafe East.
Macaroon ice-cream with Jen. Regent St lights.

Covent Garden with SC and SC. Visit to Kikki.K.
Hampstead Heath xmas markets and dinner at KL for Thanksgiving

I bought a new phone and all of my photos from Oct & Nov are on my old one. Above photos are what I could find! It's nice to remember all the things I got up to towards the end of last year.

October 2015 Weekend Stories

It's February 2016 but catching up on Weekend Stories of Oct and Nov 2015!

daunt books london myharublog

Dinner at Salvation in Noodles with CK
Brunch at Elk in the Woods and Daunt Books

Watched 'Suffragette'
Hyde Park run in the morning for Heart Foundation
Kat's for dinner
Aus v Scotland at Angel


Rugby at Trafalgar Sq


Yayoi Kusama at Louisiana MOMA

Oops, previous post wasn't the last Copenhagen one!

Final photos from the trip at Yayoi Kusama's exhibition.
This artist is the most intriguing. 

Back from my US trip. Developed 2/3 rolls of film!
Easing into the daily grind...

Time to plan my next travels :)


Copenhagen scenes

The last post from my weekend in Copenhagen in October.  Really a perfect destination to go solo on a weekend. The Ryanair sale where I got 40 pound return tickets helped too.


Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen myharublog
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen myharublog
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen myharublog
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen myharublog
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen myharublog
Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen myharublog

I went to Tivoli Gardens, Europe's second oldest amusement park, alone. To go to an amusement park alone was a first for me - I even went on a roller coaster all alone.
It was fine during the daytime but once it got dark with the lights on, with friends and couples around while I was walking...alone. Well, there's always a first to everything :D


Weekend trip in Copenhagen - Nyhavn

Nyhavn Copenhagen
Nyhavn Copenhagen myharublog
Nyhavn Copenhagen myharublogNyhavn Copenhagen myharublog

It's December now and I'm currently in the USA!

Attempting to update this blog during my downtime. Here are snaps of my first solo trip in Copenhagen in October.

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