Creating balance

coffee flat white Sydney cafe

I've been creating daily and monthly to-do lists since December last year in preparation for my move. Lists always work for me because I like the satisfaction of ticking off each item, knowing what I need to do in writing and going onto the next task.
There are a few days when I slack off and move my list to the next day (can never get the procrastination out of me) but so far I've done okay. Since the beginning of this month I'm also exercising more frequently and writing a food diary to get back into it. Definitely helps as I feel more energised and not so lethargic.
My days are a lot more productive but I've realised everything is about balance. It's always nice to unwind now and then, go to a nice cafe and have a cup of coffee.

Here's to another work week, the return to the daily grind. Let's make the most out of it!


  1. i try to be more and more productive each day and make the most of my time. but yes, sometimes lounging around is unavoidable. ha.

    coffee can do no wrong :)

  2. i agree and feel i need balance so much lately...i have been more up and down than usual i guess :)

    1. it's a tricky thing to do, the balancing act. hope everything is okay, sara :)


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