D-10 This is life

What a PRODUCTIVE day.

A list of all the things I did today:

- Cleaned my room (finally!)
- Centrelink all finalised
- Went to the Optometrist to buy my contacts
- Commonwealth bank to cancel my account and ANZ to get rid of my account fees (I'm still a student!)
- Chemist warehouse to buy necessities for my exchange and bought 90% of all things I listed beforehand

This was all done from 12 to 5pm commuting by public transport!
All I need to do is go to NRMA to get my international drivers permit and buy the rest of the 10% items I've listed which I will do tomorrow. I actually added 3 more "to do" things this arvo. Shall do them all tomorrow.

I want to get everything out of the way by this week so I can start hitting the books. It's imperative I study and revise my Japanese before I leave. Gotta devise a little study plan for that aswell. Really need to revise kanji. Ergh. I'll be taking a placement test the day after I arrive in Japan and I don't want to be learning the same stuff I did in Jap 6.
So yeh...hopefully it'll all be done by tomorrow.

I met up with E and our lil dongseng, YJ, for dinner. It was nice catching up with YJ. Haven't seen him since he left for Korea last year so that was all good. Will be having a farewell dinner at my place on Saturday with highschool friends (including O's 21st) and then dinner with relos on Sunday.
So basically after the weekend, my "to do" list will be completed. Boxes all checked.
Monday to Friday I'm going to either study at home or at the library, will not spend money and spend more quality time with family and friends (some how avoid monetary expenditure at the same time) before I leave :(

I didn't get to take a photo of the succulent jokbal and negmyun I enjoyed with E and YJ tonight. It was so goooooooooooood. Forgot to take my camera! Doh!

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