D-24 A quiet Friday

Friday was spent at work and then home. Nothing else. I was way too tired to do anything that I fell asleep straight after dinner at around 7pm.

To revise Japanese, I've been reading the Slam Dunk series that I bought for my brother's birthday while I was in Niigata. I also bought a few Japanese novels but there's way too much kanji which is why I decided to read something "lighter". Not really into manga nor am an avid basketball fan but I'm actually halfway through this one! The characters, plot and illustrations are all well-crafted and there are moments where I actually burst out laughing. I understand most of it but I do look up kanji that I don't know on my electronic dictionary and it also allows me to revise grammar structures.
Problem is, they didn't have No. 12 and 13 at the store in Niigata so I need to look for the missing books at Kinokuniya.

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