D-21 Kani (crab) party

During my last month back in Sydney before I left for Japan, I did "D-[no of days left]" post for this blog. Now that I only have 21 days left here I will do the same for for my last moments here in Japan to reminiscence my life in Yoko when I'm pulling my hair studying of law exams *shudder*.

I've handed in my final UTS ICS project (a monstrous 5000 word assignment worth 50% for the final semester) which technically means I am now on my Spring holidays AND have completed the Arts in International Studies course of my double degree! Even better, my mum will visit me in Japan TOMORROW!!!! I'm so excited. So I think today's the perfect time to start the whole "D-day" posts since I'll be out and about around Tokyo and Yokohama taking photos in the next few weeks!
I'm so HAPPY!!!!
This is the best feeling. Ahhh...life is good.

So I'm off now to get ready and head off to uni with M where we will meet our Japanese teacher and class mates and have a Kani (Crab) party at Okuno sensei's place!
Photos will be uploaded later!

Here are some shots taken at Okuno sensei's place. It was such a warm atmosphere with lots of food and laughter! I'm going to miss all my teachers and classmates :(

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