Lesser photographer

It's nice to know there are people out there with the same view when it comes to 'photography'.

A Lesser Photographer is a great concept which I totally agree with! You can have the latest gear, equipment and post-processing technique but it doesn't mean it will guarantee the best image nor does it immediately classify you as a 'professional photographer'.

It's simple. It's about the photo, not the camera.
Some of my favourite images on this blog are from my trusty Panasonic point-and-shoot camera (here, here and here).

I was contemplating on whether I should spend 2k on a Nikon d7000 or use it on my trip to London, but after reading this from the Lesser Photographer, I have decided to save it for the 'diversity of my image library' and make the most out of the cameras I have now ;)

$1200 could buy you the latest prosumer DSLR body or a plane ticket to place you’ve never been, with change to spare for a guide. Which would add more to your life experience and to the diversity of your image library? There are plenty of very fashionable photographers with little in their images to showfor it.

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