Out and about in Tokyo

Shibuya crossing Tokyo
Shibuya crossing Tokyo Japan tokyo pot plants
Harajuku takeshita Tokyo Japan Meiji-jingu Harajuku Tokyo Japan Kimono traditional
Tokyo imperial palace Japan
Japan tokyo
Japanese child
Japanese salaryman photo suits train station

Bits and pieces of Tokyo, here and there.
We were mainly in Tokyo and Yokohama and visited the main suburbs of the area.
Here's a list of the places we went to (not in chronological order):
- Shibuya
- Shinjuku
- Harajuku (Cat street, Yoyogi park and Meiji-jingu)
- Omotesando Hills
- Roppongi (we stumbled across an amazing restaurant which I will post photos of soon)
- Ginza
- Akihabara
- Yokohama (Sakuragi-cho, Landmark Tower, Akarenga, Osanbashi)
- Gumyoji (oh, Inase how I missed you so!)
- Yokohama National University
- Fuji-Q (you must go!)
- Daikanyama (the new Tsutaya bookstore was so awesome I will dedicate a whole post on that later on)
- Nakameguro (and the river where we admired the beautiful cherry blossoms)
- Tokyo (Tokyo Station, Imperial palace which was closed)

That's quite a long list for a 6-day trip just within Tokyo. It was fun to show A all the places in Tokyo and Yokohama, where I was living/studying for a year back in 2010 as a student, and then to revisit all the places after graduation and as a full-time worker was a nostalgic experience.

After I post all the Japan photos, snaps from my Korea trip will follow.


  1. It's my dream to go to Japan!
    Thanks for giving me a sneak peak inside :)


    1. Hope you get to visit soon :)
      My pleasure, there will be more to come!


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