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Warm and peaceful.


I turned a year older yesterday.
You know, as each year goes by, I definitely feel more comfortable (especially compared by my 19 year-old self) in my own skin, self-confident, self-aware and bold. Bold in the sense that I'm more defiant on following the norm and instead able to follow my own instinct and intuition. In times of uncertainty I can control my apprehensive thoughts and emotions by simply telling myself that everything happens for a reason, whether it be good or bad, there is a lesson and opportunity to grow and learn. I only came to realise this as it has happened so so many times and, really, you just gotta do the most you can do and then think "this too, shall pass".

I spent all day reading 'Steve Jobs' by Walter Isaacson today. I watched the movie 'Jobs' which made me curious and wanting to know more about this impetuous visionary and the tumultuous yet incredible life he had led. Very interesting so far! I also watched a BBC documentary on Vivian Maier and, gosh, I wish she was still alive and be able to ask her all the questions that I have about her. She's so mysterious and intriguing. Reading the Jobs biography and the Maier doco really got me thinking on natural talent and how it would feel to do something you love and good at doing. How do you find the answer to both - what do you love doing and know you are good at? I wonder if it's possible.


  1. i reflect on how far i've come too on the night of my birthday. happy birthday! here's to another adventurous year of life. and i should watch Jobs and read the book.


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