J&A Cafe (Summer 2014) & New Years 2015

J&A Cafe London Clerkenwell
J&A Cafe London Clerkenwell
J&A Cafe London Clerkenwell coffee
J&A Cafe London Clerkenwell

It's the year 2015!!!
Hope you all enjoyed NY celebrations. I was at the Brandenburg Gates in Berlin and waited 4 hours standing to watch the midnight fireworks. Almost gave up but we pulled through! It was memorable nonetheless, especially with the Hoff performing on stage.

I have a backlog of all my Euro trip photos, including Amsterdam, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Cologne, Bruges, Berlin and Rome! In fact, the photos of J&A cafe are from summer when I went on a nice loner trip around Clerkenwell to enjoy a cup of coffee.
They'll be in the form of photo diaries but I'll also post up photos of things I got up to in London in between. I need to really allocate a day to sort out all my photos and organise everything! I'm off to a Cambridge tomorrow for a day trip so perhaps on Sunday?

In other news, I booked a trip to Geneva, Switzerland, for a snow trip next month!!! SO SO SO EXCITED. Last time I went snowboarding was in 2010 in Japan!!! It has been way too long.
It's the one thing I'm looking forward to during the cold winter days in London. Good times!


  1. this cafe looks like a really cozy place to read a book or write a novel! love it. Have fun in Geneva next month!

    1. It is! There are quite a few nice and cosy cafes in London.
      Thanks will do :)

  2. Nice pictures and place! :)



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