D-26 Visa and Kangchon

(I had to take a photo of the photos I took today because this shitty Nokia brick doesn't send via email nor message nor the cable! My Ericsson broke cus I dropped it so many times and E's LG phone that I borrowed won't charge so I'm left with my brother's old mobile. I'm not sure whether getting an iPhone in Japan is a good idea now)

I went to work today and luckily finished early at 3.35pm to get to the Consulate by 4pm. I think I've never walked that fast in my life. I had to pick up my passport photos which I took during my lunch break and then power walked to Martin Place to get there by 15 to 4. Noice. It was a familiar procedure since I had to apply for the same visa when I went to Niigata last year. My visa will be all done on Friday so I have to go back again to pick up my passport too. Noice.

I then visited the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place to get a vanilla macaron and my favourite milk chocolate Lindt ball. I always wanted to try a macaron because I've seen/heard so much about it. Verdict: it was nice but too sweet for my liking. However, my lindt milk...*drool*... chocolate .. *drool*.. ball...so good...*drool*..

Anyway, after work I met up with G and R at Myer where we then headed towards Stratty to grab dinner. We were on a limited budget so we went to Kangchon and met E there. The second photo above shows my demolished bibimbap bowl, G's noodles, R's rice and E's sundae. Yummay!

I can't rely on my phone camera. The reason why I don't want to take my camera to work is because of the hassle caused when I go through security checks at court and having to fill out forms to collect the camera after I finish. Hmm. I'll see if I can put my camera somewhere in the office but if not, then I'll just have to put up with it. I'll take my Nikon tomorrow since I want to exchange my camera bag. On other days, I'll just take my Canon with me.

Can't wait >.<

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