Wow so much for BLOGGING

I really don't have the time nor the motivation to blog these days.
I've uploaded a whole lot of photos from Golden Week which basically records everything I did. (i.e. Tokyo, Miurakaigan, Shimokitazawa etc). I had an AWESOME GW.

Now that it's back to normalcy I rarely take photos so I should atleast write something down each day, even the small boring things, just for the sake of it. Perhaps I'll miss this everyday life in Yokohama when I go back to Sydney.

Let's see, so today I went to uni at 10.30 and had two classes, bought some bananas and went home to do my General D hmk and studied for my kanji quiz.
I skyped with my dear friend Esther and we arranged to video skype with her and Rosa. I haven't spoken to them together for a long time. I miss my friends. I miss calling htem up to have patbingsoo and just bumming around...

Rosa said she would come in December but before that we'll be... TRAVELLING TO THAILAND AND VIETNAM WOO HOO
yayayayayayay can't wait >.<

Anyhow, if you're not my friend on facebook, unfortunately you will have no photos to look at...i'll post photos...one day. Ciao for now!

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