Rozelle Markets & Harry Potter

I bought a sewing machine for $50 at Rozelle Markets. Score! It works great too! Made a book cover with some scraps lying around the house and then bought some more fabric from Lindcraft. What to make next...

I watched the final instalment of Harry Potter today. It was brilliant! By far the best HP movie IMO.
Must say it is quite bittersweet to think that there will be no more new HP book or movie releases.


  1. ooh i'm heading up to sydney for a weekend to visit a friend, would you recommend rozelle over glebe markets?



  2. Hi sorry for the late reply! I only discovered your comment now! =0

    I think both are quite different. Rozelle has more antique/books/variety whereas Glebe has alot of clothes/bags/art. Both are good, it depends what you're looking for :)


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