Sydney CBD and Queen Victoria Building (QVB) - Yashica SLR film camera

On the weekend, R and I went to Newtown and it pleasantly reminded me of Jiyugaoka with the interesting arts and book shops, vintage stores and cute little cafes! This is what I was looking for!
One of the things I really enjoy doing in my spare time is going for a walk, going to art and book shops, indulging myself with photography books, scavenging through flea markets and taking photos of interesting things I see. It makes my heart happy when I go into a beautifully fitted shop, stocked with pretty stationery, unique design items, an array of art and photography books on display and other one-of-a-kind vintage stock. It's strange how I'm hesitant on  spending $80 on a pair of shoes but happily swipe my debit card away on a $60 photo book (which I did on Sunday, 'tis splendid!). My mum used to tell me that as a kid, I'd always whinge asking her to buy me another picture book at the supermarket instead of going to the toy section like other normal kids. Perhaps things never change ;)

Now that I only have ten more days left until I start my new job and uni again, I think I will check out several inner-city suburbs like Newtown, Glebe and Surry Hills! Life is sweet!

On a random note, had dinner with D and T today and he asked, "When did you start taking photos all of a sudden?" and I replied, "Um...well, according to the blog it says I started since 2008 but I never told anyone about it at first." haha wow..2008 seems so long ago. I was 21 then. Now I'm heading towards my mid twenties. Sob.

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