Food for thought - the older Korean generation

Didn't eat pizza crust, my mother's reaction:

Mum: 너 왜 피자빵은 안먹어? 고소하고 맛있는데
(Why don't you eat the pizza crust? It's yummy you know)

*starts eating my leftover pizza crust*
Me: 엄마 먹지마, 그냥 버려~ (Mum don't eat it, just throw it away.)

Mum: 엄마 어렸을때, 할머니가 이 빵껩데기를 사서 매겨줬었어~
(When I was a kid, your grandma fed me bread crust that she bought.)

Me: 왜 빵껍데기를 사서먹어? (Why would you buy bread crust?)

Mum: 한국전쟁이 끝나고 미국부대가 남기고 버린 빵껍데기를 사람들이 뫃아서 팔았었어. 그만큼 먹을께 없었어 그때는
(After the Korean War, people used to collect leftover bread crust from the American soliders and sell it. That's how little there was to eat.)

Grandma: 그러니까, 한국이 그만큼 발전했다는게 대단한거야. 넌 이시대에 태어났단걸 감사해야해. (It's amazing how much Korea has developed. You should be grateful to have been born in this generation.)

Mum: 그래 엄마가 어렸을때만해도 그랬다. 넌 진짜 감사해야해 (Exactly, even when I was a kid it was like that. You should be thankful)

Me eating my last slice of pizza: Okay....I'll eat the crust on this slice....
Mum laughs, says it's okay and eats my crust instead

Anyway, long post, but thought I'd share this. Let's all be grateful and not take things for granted! Even pizza crust :)

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