A quick update - japan and korea 2013

Here are some instagram photos of my Japan and Korea trip! It's spring here but the weather is like our winter in Sydney! So cold I bought two coats!
Anyhow, follow me @theminutemoments for more updates. There's free wifi everywhere in Seoul. So good.
Japan was absolutely stunning with cherry blossoms in full bloom when we were there. It was sad to leave Tokyo. Though I'm having a blast in Seoul (my wallet, not so much). Shopping like crazy here!
Lots of photos to come when I'm back in Sydney!

1 comment:

  1. hah! i was also freezing my butt off in HK when it weren't supposed to be so! i guess everyone's tolerance for cold is different and i also had to but an extra coat in HK.

    can't wait for your updates!

    lots of love,


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