In a hotel room

This coming Friday I will be on a plane to Japan! It'll be first my time to go back since my exchange year at YNU. So excited! 
I will be in Tokyo for 7 days and then 10 days in Seoul, South Korea! I've made a list of the places I want to visit and things I want to buy - one of which includes a..... 

My trusty 35mm Fujifilm Natura Classica has been the go-to camera but there are moments when I wish a had a sturdy compact digital camera to take photos without worrying how much the rolls of film and developing will accumulate to (it can be quite pricey).
I've been eyeing the x100 since it was first released but couldn't afford it on a student budget. In that predicament I was also unable to use my film cameras as I knew the price of film and developing would eventually add up, so I relied on my iPhone 4 and instagram during that time. 

Well, now with the release of the new and upgraded x100s, along with a full-time income, a trip to Japan and the strong Aussie dollar...how can I resist?! I've read numerous positive reviews and I am getting my hands on it as soon as I land in Japan! I will take lots and lots of photos and share them on Flickr and on this blog!! Yay :)

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