London cafes: Timberyard, Seven Dial

I miss Saturday brunches in Sydney at hipster cafes with, of course, exceptional coffee.
That doesn't mean I can't do it here though! I have a list of coffee shops, as they call it here, that I want to visit. Few I have been to during the past few weeks and I will share on the blog as a "London cafes" series.

The first place I'd like to share with y'all is Timberyard at Seven Dial. It was voted the best "coffice", i.e. cafe office, in London according to a sign outside the cafe. There were many people at the cafe alone working on their laptops. The coffee wasn't bad but I did find it quite bitter and I normally don't put any sugar in my coffee. I like it smooth and balanced - if that makes sense. There were a few other places where the coffee was really bitter. Maybe it's a London thing.
I liked the decor and atmosphere. Maybe I'll take my Macbook or iPad and work on the blog or study either Japanese or something work-related there on a weekend. Times like this I wish there was a cozy neighbourhood cafe in Canada Water where I live.


  1. i'd love to sit by the window there, working and take a glimpse at the cars passing by,,
    glad that you found some place to go for a good cup of coffee!

    1. i agree. I could spend hours there :)

  2. I love cafes with large windows,but good coffee is a total requirement for me too!
    I find ot so hard to find 'that 'place' where i like to go and sit and just enjoy writing and reading,even here in my hometown,but it must feel like a real adventure to you there in London!

    1. yep it sure is. There are so many great places in London but I do wish I can find 'that' place closer to where i live. oh well!


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