Regent's Park and Primrose Hill, London

I remember taking these photos before full-time work in London. I had a list of places to visit and ventured out everyday and explored London. It was in May, the city heading towards summer, where I cycled on a Boris bike to the park. If Sydney has its beaches, London sure has its selection of impressive parks.

Speaking of May and summer, it has been half a year since I've moved to London! Autumn has hit the town with its crisp air and golden foliage. Wow, half a year has passed already. Before you know it, it's Christmas and then 2015.
I feel like I should be more productive these days. More action rather than planning. Plant more seeds, so to speak, to eventually reap what I sow. Yet here I am spending my free time aimlessly and writing down a list of goals with no plan of action. Part of the problem is that I attempt to do everything at once, eventually burn out and I'm left with mediocracy. I need to remember that every hour counts and by doing a little each day, it all adds up.
I've noticed a pattern: I get pumped up, all motivated for a few days, maybe weeks, but then after awhile lose focus, get distracted and never achieve the desired outcome.


... is what I need.


  1. Hi! Thanks for posting about this! I have been feeling the same. Lately I don't write lists of things to do or goals anymore, because they just make me go in circles of feeling down about myself... Lately I tried making little changes in my habits, and it is working a little better. Any kind of little change seems to have a domino effect on other positive things. Anyway, I wish you the best & don't be too harsh on yourself =^__^=

    1. Delphine! Thanks for your comments!! I actually tried to adopt your perspective by making changes in my habits. I also add 'rewards' to myself at the end of the week if I follow through with them. They say it takes 21 days for a habit to be automated so trying to atleast do it for 3 weeks. I'm enjoying it so far!

  2. oh i feel the same my dear, and now i got sick and cannot move a finger and it is so hard for me not to do nothing at all...

    1. Aw no.. :(
      hope you had a speedy recovery!


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