Being a tourist: 10 things to do in Amsterdam

10 things to do in Amsterdam Rijksmuseum
IAMSTERDAM letters Rijksmuseum
10 things to do in Amsterdam
10 things to do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam trip 31 Aug- 2 Sep 2014

Some solid tourist photos in front of the IAMSTERDAM letters infront of the Rijksmuseum.
We were in Amsterdam for three days and here are some recommendations for those who are planning a trip to this amazing city:

Where we stayed: Hotel Die Port van Cleve

My friend was in charge of booking accommodation for Amsterdam and we both agreed on three non-negotiables- cleanliness, location and free wi-fi. For two nights we paid approx. 230 euros which is reasonable when split in two for a four star hotel. It ticked all our boxes and the location was fantastic!

10 things to do:
  1. Rent a bike and cycle around the canals
  2. Red Light District (tip: a live strip show may involve more than a strip show... if you know what I mean)
  3. Go to a coffee shop in the Red Light District (tip: go easy on the hash brownies)
  4. Eat fries
  5. Have Indonesian food (no seriously, go)
  6. Anne Frank House (tip: buy tickets online to avoid the queue! Also, watch the Anne Frank movie before your visit)
  7. Take photos on the IAMSTERDAM letters infront of the Rijksmuseum. We didn't have time to go inside but heard it is impressive.
  8. Van Gogh museum (tip: again buy tickets online)
  9. Visit a market on the weekend
  10. Admire the Royal Palace of Amsterdam 

Extra posts of Amsterdam:

And that's it for Amsterdam, folks!

Van Gogh museum Amsterdam sunflowers

xx Hanna


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