What one must eat when visiting Prague - Street food in Prague

This is my loner friend, Rosa, eating her beloved potatoes in Old Town Square.

Now, if you ever visit Prague, you must, MUST, visit 'Krusta' and have the cylindrical pastry called 'Trdelník' they freshly baked in-store. There are plenty of other places that make it but this particular store was fresher, crispy on the outside, soft in the inside with the right thickness of the bread. Make sure to get one freshly made as it makes a huge difference. We went here everyday and there was a day when I was given a pre-made one that wasn't warm so I asked for a freshly made pastry which they gladly served. Ticks to both quality and service!

Krusta Trdelník pastry prague
Krusta Trdelník pastry prague
23-25 August 2014

That's it for all my Prague posts. Next up - Madrid & Barcelona!

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