It's August already?!


A fun snap from my trip to Budapest in July. More photos to come!


Time flies, August now, five months left of 2015.
It's okay. Before I used to freak out about it, well, I still do, but I'm trying to change my perception and reaction towards it.
I had such a great weekend - on Saturday, MK and I cycled all around central London (RideLondon event) and today I had a lovely lunch for my friend ST's belated birthday at Rotorino. The simple things.

Instead of thinking about the future so much ("I need to do this and that by next year", "I'm not sure how things will turn out and where I'll end up being", "I need to achieve more, set goals and plan my future"), I've decided to relish the present moment as well. I was looking through photos I've been tagged in on Facebook and realised I will look back at this very moment in a few years time, of my life in London and travels around Europe, and reminiscence on all these incredible and enriching experiences. I am living my dream right now. I wanted to do this for so long and here I am! But it is so easy to forget and let each day, week and month go by without really appreciating the seconds, minutes and hours (not sure if that's feasible though, ha!) Anyhow, it's not all sunshine and rainbows. I've had my shitty and moody days (I've had my share for sure) but without them I won't know when I'm having a good day! It's like Riley in 'Inside Out', kinda, I think - anyhow, go watch the movie!

Okay, to stop myself from ranting on this blog, to summarise, I need to maintain a good balance between living the moment and planting seeds for the future. Endcheesyfluffywuffylifemotto.

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