D-4 Another day

Woke up at 12pm. Watched Oprah whilst eating jja jang myun. That's life.
Mother came home and made kimchi jun (korean style pancake). She craved korean rice wine so bought a bottle on the way (pictured above) to the GP and Post Office and I bought a bottle at the groceries.

I had to get a check up on my eye and buy a box at the Post Office to send a parcel to my dorm. I have so many coats that takes up way too much room so will send it over since it's spring/summer in Japan now.

I also got my last pay today! I'm 1k short than my goal amount but I think it should suffice. Rent is cheap, youth allowance is plenty plus i'm planning to tutor a few kids there so I should be survive. I'll use around 3-4k for my major trip in the summer holidays that will include visits to nagoya, kanto region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nabe), Hiroshima, Shimonoseki and than...Seoul!!!!!WOO HOO.

Also, met up with R and E after dinner at stratty but then we came back to eat the rest of the kimchi jun at my place! haha such ajummas.

R and E bumming in my room

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