D-3 Farewell no.2

During the day I packed my clothes and sorted out what to put in each luggage.
My two heaviest coats and few winter tops got put into a box that I sent over to my dorm postal address. I went to the post office and paid 74 bux for 5kgs which isn't too bad. I really hope I don't go over the weight limit at check-in since I already paid that much for 5kgs.

After that i got ready to go out for a night out with my friends which we planned to have at my farewell galbi dinner. We originally planned to go to Hurricanes at Darling Harbour but since it was full we went to an Italian restaurant called Crinitis that was located at the other end of the building. It was a tad expensive but I got to have my ribs so it was worth it. We skipped dessert and headed towards Cohi bar and had a few drinks. Twas fun fun :D
I would post photos up right now but my net is capped so I think I'll have to do it when I'm in Japan (with free internet that is booyeh)
Darling Harbour at night is so picturesque and romantic. Loves it. Sydney really is a beautiful city.

A, G, Y and I left at around 12.30am and caught a train back to stratty where I had parked my car. We wanted to have icecream but all the restaurants and cafes were closed cus it was Thursday. Whilst we were walking to the car some seedy fob guy asked if we wanted to have drinks and "have fun" with his other mates. Wtf? It's 1am you dodgy dirty fob. Go back to Korea and maybe some cheap skanky girls might say yes to you. So dirt.

We dropped G and Y off and went back home. F came by to give me a gift she got me which she claimed was "small" but to me it wasn't and it made my heart warm. So sweet. Thanks again my love.

Photos will come soon..ish.

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