When the Kofu girls come to town

Yakiniku dinner with Kat

Thanks Juzz!

Thanks Rosy!

[20101002 Saturday]

I have the worse sleeping pattern at the moment. I sleep at 4-5am, wake up at around noon and it's worse when I take a nap. This is not a good sign especially days before uni starts again because I am going to be like a zombi for the 8.50am classes. It doesn't help with my sugar-filled junkfood diet for the past few days, making me feel bloated and fat the whole time! I really need to get out of this cycle.

Anyway, I went out for Gumyoji yakiniku with Kat for dinner and, as usual with yakiniku, we were so full. Shortly after, Rosy and Juzz arrived in Gumyoji and we all pigged out on the Krispy Kreme and Sweet potato treats they brought along with them, despite the fact I was still full with all the meat I ate moments ago, and caught up along with the usual girly chitchat. It was really nice to have friends over and just chill out together, something I haven't done in awhile!

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