The Grounds of Alexandria - a cafe in Sydney

The Ground of Alexandria wake up smell the coffee
The Ground of Alexandria Natura classica garden

At the Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney. We often come here for brunch.
You can read a review of the cafe here.

On another note, I'm going to write in Japanese on this blog as well, purely to keep up with it. It'd be a waste to forget everything after studying the language for 3-4 years. I may ask a Japanese friend to correct any mistakes.



  1. nice! i can learn more japanese from reading your blog now :)

  2. your blog is my new favourite! all these beautiful pictures hmm i'm going to take my time going through everything!

  3. Delphine - great! feel free to correct any mistakes :)

    jun - thanks for your kind words!

  4. I love this place (especially that garden!). But wow the parking is a nightmare ... Kellie xx

  5. Kellie - I agree! I wish i took more photos of the garden but, as you know, there were so many people around. oh we must've been lucky finding parking..or perhaps it's busier during lunch than brekkie/brunch time. xx


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