All in a day's work

Here are some daily views I see on my way to and at work:

Taking photos during my lunch break - instagram dedication, no? ;)

These days I find that from the time I arrive home to bedtime (that's usually 7pm to midnight) these hours are so, so precious. I feel the need to make the most out of them. Such is the life of a 9to5er.
Oh well, at least it's a long-weekend this week! Yay for Australia Day!


  1. interesting view you have!
    here's to long weekend. hope you have a great one!

    1. trying to appreciate the views that i see daily :)
      have a good weekend!

  2. totally! and i feel exactly the same! there's just so much more things i wish to do/complete that's outside of work so usually i end up staying up late (until 2am) just so i could finish working on my own stuff.
    then the next day i tend to wake up late for work. well, such is life. haha

    1. exactly! i feel like there's not enough hours in a day! i guess that's why we cherish the weekend so much. haha


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