View from the top, Bruges

Belfry of Bruges tower view
Belfry of Bruges tower view

The view at the top of the Belfry of Bruges.


I am going to Paris tomorrow for work and will be there until Saturday. I haven't been since October when my mum came to visit. Looking forward to it again! I'll have the Saturday free to roam around, take photos and, of course, eat, until I hop on the train back to London in the evening.

The week after will be the Easter break and I'm flying to Glasgow to drive around Northern Scotland for four days. We plan to go to Loch Lomand, Loch Ness, Skye, Inverness, Pitlochry, Stirling and then back to the airport. It'll definitely be a different kind of trip, one where we will be immersed in nature, away from the city grind. Ah, perfect timing.

Two weeks after Scotland, I have a trip to Lisbon and then in May, during the bank holiday, a trip to Krakow & Warclaw in Poland!


  1. So much traveling and adventure, I am incredibly jealous! :D

    1. hehe I need to make the most out of it while i'm here :)


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