Weekend Stories (W-36): August Bank Holiday 2015

Camden London blue hairCamden London
Camden London nap time man
Camden London nap time man
Camden London nap time man
Camden London nap time man

Confession: these photos are not from the August long weekend. I didn't take any photos actually because I had a chilled weekend and didn't really think about taking photos.

The photos above, however, were taken in Camden a year and a half ago when I participated in Camden Create. I realised I never got around to posting the photos on the blog, so here they are now! Looking at these photos make me want to go visit again and explore the area a bit more. It's Sunday morning as I type this. Perhaps I'll cycle there today?

Over this long weekend:
Friday: Drinks at Birthday's
Saturday:  Brunch at Finger's Crossed; afternoon tea at the Proud Archivist, then back home as it started to rain.
Sunday: Raining all day; went to buy hair dye with AJ down the road; dyed my hair a slightly lighter shade which turned out alright!
Monday: Watched '45 Years'

A relaxing weekend!

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