Cali palm trees

Iconic Cali palm trees

Half-way through February 2016 now.
Not long to go.

At this point, I stand at the fork in the road.
One thing I've gained from moving to London is confidence in my gut decision. For so many years moving to London was on the back of my mind and I knew I had to do it. Why? Because the inevitably of regretting not moving to London was tangible. Also, I was sick of just thinking about it! I had to do something about it. Yes, I never want to feel that feeling of anxiety again, but looking back you need to feel that - it means you're doing something uncomfortable and out of your comfort zone! As long as you plan and research as much as you can, let it pan out and, in the end, whatever happens, happens for a reason! At least, that's the mindset I try to adopt.

So now, the question is related to my career path.
This field is what I've been thinking about what seems like forever.

Lack of confidence and societal expectations, once again, held me back from pursuing it.
Also, it's the same categories of fear I had about London.
It's the same 'what if' questions I had before moving to London.

The ultimate questions is this: Will I regret not trying? Will I regret not pursuing it and at least giving it a shot?

It's a resounding yes.
Do I still have doubts?

In the next few months, I will be doing a lot of researching and planning.

 What's there to lose?

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