Las Vegas from dawn to dusk

We were in Las Vegas for Christmas 2015!
The place is overwhelming with all the lights and people. My whole US trip felt like a movie set tour.

Things we did at Las Vegas:

- Stayed at Bellagio
- Bellagio and Caesar Palace
- Gordon Ramsay's Burgr
- Bellagio Buffet (we waited 2 hours on Christmas Day...)
- Bellagio Fountain show
- Gambled USD20: I lost all of it, RH won $20!

There's a folder filled with my mobile photos from this trip which I haven't gone around to filtering. Another reason why I prefer to take film photos - I tend to take a photos like a madman with digital, ending up with a daunting amount of photos to go through. Whereas with film I am limited and only press on the shutter button when I'm certain I want to record it.

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